Nature Abhors a Vacuum, and Brendan Fraser…

– – God help us, Furry Vengeance is coming, a movie which may set the fandom back further than the Fur and Loathing episode of CSI.   The title sounds like a horror movie, but it appears to be another variation of an already well-worked family comedy formula.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Brendan Fraser.  He’s an affable guy, and I liked the Mummy movies, especially for the awesome jackal warriors. Brendan plays a good action hero who knows better than to  take himself seriously,  but then there are his comedies in which he smacks his face really hard into some solid object…over and over again.

Furry Vengeance, opening April 30th, is described as a  live action family comedy in which an ambitious young real estate developer faces off with a bunch of angry animals in the Oregon wilderness when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine area.   Led by a raccoon, the animals stymie the development, and teach Brendan’s character about the consequences of man’s encroachment on nature.–Sound familiar, wholesome, harmless, and predictable?  Sample yucks:  Fraser hides inside  a Port-A-Potty, which is being attacked by a bear.

Comparisons to Over the Hedge are inevitable.  This looks like a flick geared to appeal largely to little kids, and there will be worse things out there,  oh yes…things like Yogi Bear, the movie, coming this December… 😮

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3 Comments on “Nature Abhors a Vacuum, and Brendan Fraser…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    “I’m smaaaaaaaaaaaarter than the average Bear-andan Fraser. Nya-hey-heeee!”


  2. carycomic Says:

    Apologetically dedicated to Dawes Butler (1916-1988), wherever he may be.


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