The Sierra Nevada Sasquatch

– – In what may be the last episode of MonsterQuest ever, we were promised “aggressively territorial packs of Sasquatch,” and received, blobsquatch, a short,  low resolution May of 1991 video taken at Mono Lake that shows something east of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Some contend that the creature depicted was a black bear, while others feel it was a genuine Bigfoot clone.  Enhancements of the footage revealed little in light of its poor quality, while whatever was depicted was calculated to be between six and eight feet high…

Perhaps more promising were the Jamie Avalos footprint casts suggesting smaller than average Sasquatch that may represent evidence of juvenile creatures; we all know how cute Sasquatch are at that age!  An adult Sasquatch print tends to run about 16″ long and show a flat foot.  MonsterQuest’s scientific team determined that the Sierra Nevada area (near the California-Nevada border) could support a group of large primates.

Lastly, there were the eyewitness reports, including a hunter who saw multiple creatures in 2005, and a motorist who had an encounter in 2006.  Such eyewitnesses appear credible, even if a bit shell-shocked.

If this is the last episode of MonsterQuest ever*, they have gone out with a whimper rather than a bang, and even Dr. Meldrum may not be enough to save the series.  At least we still have Destination Truth and possibly similar shows to come…

…and as for the Sasquatch, as one expert concluded on MonsterQuest, “They don’t want to  interact with human beings; if they do, they’ll let you know.”

(* I’ve since learned that another new episode of MonsterQuest is coming…America’s Wolfman, March 24th!)

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2 Comments on “The Sierra Nevada Sasquatch”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I was fascinated by the account of the _military_ sighting of possible Bigfeet!

    Still, it does make sense that Sasquatches might be breeding in northern California. After all, the nickname of “Bigfoot” was first coined in light of the mysterious tracks found near an advance logging camp in the Bluff Creek region of California!!

    However, as anyone else who has watched other documentaries on this subject can tell you, the majority of Sasquatch sightings–since the early 1970’s–have occurred farther north, in the states of Oregon and Washington.

    The only reasons I can think for such a resurgence in California sightings is migration. Stemming from the now-infamous volcanic eruption of Mt. St. Helens; and, much more recently, industrial destruction of habitat.*

    * They’re thinking of cancelling MONSTERQUEST, in favor of “reality” shows like AX MEN??? Oh, the pain! The pain!


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