Leprechauns on “Destination Truth”

– – Right on time for St. Paddy’s Day, Destination Truth opened its new season with episodes featuring paranormal activity at Masada and the possibility of leprechauns.

The Ghosts of Masada installment was handled far more seriously as befitted the historical occurrences at the site, and we won’t dwell on it here.  The attribution of sounds heard at the site to reverberations from the surrounding geography was logical, while the visual image captured of an apparent robed figure was striking, and not as readily explained.

When it came to the matter of leprechauns, Josh Gates and his team knew better than to take the matter seriously, and it was all done in good fun.  Downing a few pints at a local Irish pub in the name of “research” set the tone which continued with the presentation of a leprechaun “skeleton” at the pub (apparent chicken bones), and went so far as a spirited discussion on the components of Lucky Charms cereal.  There were also the bones extracted in the field which turned out to be those of a sheep.- –May all the saints preserve us!

Fun and games aside, the historical and cultural Celtic background of leprechauns was fascinating, and I prefer my leprechauns on the dark side rather than cutesy.  In earlier times, belief in fairies and woodland spirits paralleled current belief in UFO’s.

Sure wish we could find some leprechauns…competent cobblers are hard to find these days!  And we can always catch some Lucky Charms; they’re magically delicious!

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2 Comments on “Leprechauns on “Destination Truth””

  1. carycomic Says:

    That parallel stands to reason. Considering that leprechauns would technically qualify as “little green men.”


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