Sal’awa on “Destination Truth”

salawa– – Destination Truth in a recent new episode featured Chernobyl but had a secondary story on about the Sal’awa, described by highly emotional eyewitnesses as a canine monster about the size of a dog but with hind legs that are somewhat longer than the front legs, a large muzzle that resembles that of a hyena, and imposing sharp teeth.

Reports of the Sal’awa first appeared in Cairo, Egypt in the 1960’s and 1970’s, with a resurgence of sightings then beginning in 1996.  In 2008 in Aswan, the creature supposedly attacked a 3-year-old baby girl and a 57-year-old man, who died after reaching the hospital.

The Destination Truth team interviewed a number of eyewitnesses, including a mother who claimed the creature would have killed her child had she not beaten it off.  The investigators also tracked an unknown creature through a sugar cane field, complete with bouncing camera images and spooky green- or yellow-tinged lighting, popular since The Blair Witch Project. While some impressive growls were recorded, and a footprint was seen and copied  that was later identified as canine, the only image recorded was that of…an Egyptian fox!–Yuppers, my kind is everywhere!

While even the Destination Truth people downplayed the likelihood of a Sal’awa existing, the Egyptian people who have reported it may have been responding to a large feral dog or a hybrid of some kind…

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2 Comments on “Sal’awa on “Destination Truth””

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, the computer simulation looked like a giant hunchback version of the striped hyena. But, hyenas are more closely related to mongooses than dogs! So, a dog/hyena hybrid is genetically impossible.

    The erroneous popular belief in such a hybrid probably resulted from “hyena-dog” being one of the nicknames for the African wild dog (another is “Cape hunting dog”). Occupying similar ecological niches has given the latter a superficial resemblance to hyenas.

    Now, I’ve read that African wild dogs will not mate with feral domestic dogs. In fact, the former are more likely to kill them! But, I have to wonder; with all the wars and poaching and what-not going on in North and East Africa, is it truly impossible that some African wild dogs are now mating with feral domestic dogs (a.k.a. pariahs), out of necessity?

    P.S.–African desert foxes are technically known as “fennecs.”


  2. flea30 Says:

    This seems to resemble the tazmanian tiger that was supposedly extinct but recently have been spotted. If you look at the picture of the tiger next to the salawa there r alot of similarities. Just a thought if it was a fox I can’t see it attacking in such a manner but a tiger would b a more suitable suspect.


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