Sticky Business…

cat duct taped— Now this is just plain wrong!   A cat dubbed “Sticky” was wrapped in duct tape head to tail and dumped in a paper bag in a neighbor’s yard for 12 hours.  The 19-year-old Philadelphia man who did this was described as having, “a lot of issues.”  He faces animal cruelty charges, a fine, and jail time.

Other that being dehydrated, Sticky the cat survived his ordeal.  He was sedated to have the duct tape removed.

‘Scuse  me now, but I’ve got a human to wrap in duct tape…for if there are no human laws to fit the crime, there is always a higher law which can (holds up a large roll of gray duct tape, laughs darkly, and exits…)

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One Comment on “Sticky Business…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    MacGyver has a lot to answer for!


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