The Trix Rabbit Turns 50!

Trix rabbit— His 50th birthday has quietly come and gone, and I’ll bet that you didn’t buy him anything, either, what with famous people dropping like flies lately and hogging the spotlight…he’s the Trix Rabbit,  an anthropomorphic cartoon rabbit and the oldest commercial mascot to continue to exist on television!  Now Trix cereal by General Mills has been on the market since 1954, but the Trix Rabbit was created on August 4th, 1959 by Joe Harris. The original commercial featuring him was of course in black and white, back in the dark ages before luscious color!  Dinosaurs roamed the earth then…

The Trix Rabbit had a kind of existential dilemma, eternally craving Trix cereal which he could rarely procure, ’cause as we all know, Trix is for kids! The poor rabbit was typically forced to resort to rather transparent trickery to entice children to yield the cereal to him, and his efforts were usually for naught.  Now on a few rare occasions, the rabbit did manage to get a spoonful of the cereal, which I suppose gives us all reason for hope…

The Trix Rabbit has been referenced twice on Family Guy, and I’ve always found him strangely sensuous…Happy Birthday, Big Guy!!! And may all of us someday get our personal Trix cereal, or at least be brave in the effort…Silly Rabbit!–You are US!!! 😉

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2 Comments on “The Trix Rabbit Turns 50!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    Congratulations, S.R.

    But, if Glenn Close decides to throw you a party in celebration? Don’t ignore the invitation!!!*

    *Poetry not intended.


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