Hugs and Skritches…

379animal_avatar75—I appreciate you, my loyal, intelligent, and off-beat readers!–As of July 27th, we’ve had over 40,000 hits on this blog, reaching up to 769  hits on a single day!Foxsylvania has been listed as a growing blog and on lists of “better blogs” (whatever they are), and it’s all because of you!

When I started Foxsylvania and was getting three to seven hits a day, I almost packed it in…sure am  glad now that I didn’t!  Hope you’ll forgive me now if I indulge in something that we furry types do in moments of extremity every now and then…<GROUP HUG!!!–AARGH!!!>

‘Scuse me, I lost my mind for a minute…I’m sure I’m gonna be sore after that one, but it’s a good hurt, right?– All I wanted to say is, thank y’all for reading…and I’ll keep doing whatever it is I’m doing here if you keep on reading…Why be normal?!

…alrighty then, carry on, and try to look busy!

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One Comment on “Hugs and Skritches…”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    To quote Deborah Foreman, replying to Nicholas Cage (in the cult-classic VALLEY GIRL):




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