Chain Saw vs. Mountain Lion!

images— In an incident reported July 17th, a Colorado man used an 18″ chainsaw to successfully fight off a mountain lion that attacked him during a camping trip with his wife and two toddlers in northwest Wyoming!  The adult male lion was described as being emaciated and showing other signs of starvation when he pounced on the man, an ex-Marine…Semper Fi, Dude!

The camper met the lion head-on with his chainsaw running, inflicting a six- to eight-inch gash on the lion’s shoulder and suffering only a small puncture  wound on his forearm.  Knowing when it was outmatched, the lion ceased the attack.

The mountain lion was later killed by wildlife officials after it attacked a dog brought in to track it.  Rabies tests were negative on the mountain lion, although other diseases have not been ruled out and starvation seems likely to have contributed to his unusual behavior…

(…chainsaws:  good  for cutting wood and predators down to size!   And remember…when chainsaws are outlawed, only outlaws will have chainsaws!  <fires up a big Stihl chainsaw…BRAPPP!>  Bring it on, baby, yeah!)

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2 Comments on “Chain Saw vs. Mountain Lion!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    Bravo for the man defending his family! Of course, a few animal rights activists will protest, “Couldn’t he have deterred the cougar’s attack any other way?”

    Which reminds me of the old Abraham Lincoln parable: a guy goes for a walk with his dog, in the country. Suddenly, the dog goes wild and attacks a nearby farmer pitching hay. The farmer uses the pitchfork to kill the dog in self-defense. The dog’s grief-stricken owner demands: “Why couldn’t you ward him off with other end?”

    To which the farmer replies: “Well, why couldn’t your dog come at me with _his_ other end?”


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