What Cats Know…


If you like complex comic book heroes and dark story lines, you just might enjoy Watchmen, now available for purchase or rental.  Set in an alternate reality circa 1985 that’s teetering on the brink of nuclear war, Watchmen covers the exploits of half a dozen flawed superheroes as they investigate the murder of one of their number and uncover a sinister plot threatening the world.

While the avian-themed Nite Owl appears to be the only quasi-furry character in the movie, for me the heart and soul of the flick is Rorschach. Looking like some 1940’s gumshoe detective in a trench coat and a fedora, Rorschach also sports an enigmatic mask on which play constantly-changing inkblot images that give the character his name.  Rorschach also has the best dialogue in the flick, lines like:

“Felt dark planet turn under my feet and know what cats know that makes them scream like babies in night.”

(…from the journal of Rorschach as seen in the movie, Watchmen…)

While a sociopath as “crazy as a snake’s armpit,” Rorschach makes disturbing sense at times,  has a kind of tragic nobility to him, and is exceedingly tough and cool.  When locked up in a prison with fifty or so criminals he placed there, Rorschach re-frames the situation to consider the cons as locked up with him, not he with them…he is the alpha predator there, and he proves it!

Watchmen also features Ozymandias, the world’s smartest human, with his intriguing animal companion, lynx. There is also the blue-skinned Dr. Manhattan, yet another physicist given awesome powers to manipulate matter as a result of a terrible accident.   Nearly-omnipotent, Dr. Manhattan  spends much of the movie fully-exposed in the nude…(when you’re omnipotent, you can dress pretty much any darn way you want!)

The movie also has a wonderful historical perspective, going back to 1940 or so to chronicle the early history of these superheroes and their parents; you’ll even catch glimpses of President Kennedy and the legendary second gunman who assassinated him, and view Watchmen fighting on the American side in Vietnam.  There’s a Mothman in this group as well, but he’s not the cryptid and winds up in an asylum, possibly due to a cheesy costume.

You’ll probably either love or hate Watchmen, but I fell into the former group…guess I’m learning what cats know…

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2 Comments on “What Cats Know…”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    As I recall, they were supposed to be revivals of Charlton comic book characters from the 1960’s (such as the Question and Capt. Atom). But, DC had already bought those characters from Quality, way back when. So, Alan Moore had to reshape the aforementioned heroes into Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, et al.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I just love the darkness and layers of complexity of “Watchmen,” and only hope that Dr. Manhattan puts Rorschach back together soon!

      …”Watchmen” was so much more satisfying than say the play for easy laughs antics of “Mystery Men.”


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