Foxes in Detroit!

Detroit–My people are moving on in…to Detroit, that is.  That’s right, the Motor City!  ‘Ya see, Detroit had a population of 1.8 million hyoomans in 1950, and it’s down to 900,000 now.  With the big economic meltdown and GM goin’ belly-up, Detroit has an unemployment rate of 23%.  Bad for hyoomans, good for us foxies; we’re movin’ in, ‘ya see.  We figure we just might be able to do somethin’ wid da place…

…you can find my people now in untended lots, houses, and buildings.  Seek us in your weed-filled lots and in the shadows of long-abandoned factories.  The riverfront is good for us.  We kinda like it here, and plan on stayin’ indefinitely if the hunting is good and we can raise our young.

…of course, we just might re-tool your factories a bit to grind out lots and lots of Volkswagen Foxes, making improvements on the old design as we go.  The combination of German engineering and vulpine  stealth and cleverness just might make us ready to move into your other cities, too…the liberation just might be at hand, perhaps in 2012…Ahahahahaha!

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6 Comments on “Foxes in Detroit!”

  1. Davis Says:

    it’s about time that vulpine rights were recognized — you go!


  2. Carycomic Says:

    Sorry, Detroit. Someone has to say it:

    “Lions and tigers and foxes, oh my!”


  3. Darklion Says:

    Coyoties were and are found roaming around
    in Chicago IL. and its subburbs. Believe me I would
    hear them howl at trains blowing their horns through
    Newlennox near Joliet. Now I live in Rockford IL. some
    people have reported seeing cougars in the outlaying
    areas. The reports are in the newspapers and tv news.
    I’ve seen some foxes too.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      That’s very cool! I’ve seen deer calmly munching leaves in backyards of homes in densely-populated areas of New Jersey, right near busy roads! As the “After People” series has pointed out, wildlife would move into human habitats soon after people departed, and it lurks on the fringes even now.


  4. Carycomic Says:

    You got that right. There’s a fox who moves through our backyard, everytime it rains at night during the summer, to scoop those bugs and worms.

    And, our red tabby (Cleo Cat-ra) learned the hard way _not_ to territorially dispute a skunk!


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