Longest Eclipse!

eclipse— If you missed today’s solar eclipse that was visible across much of Asia, tough luck; there won’t be a longer one until 2132!  In parts of Asia, today’s eclipse lasted as long as 6 minutes and 39 seconds, the longest since July 11th, 1991; it will not be equaled again in this century.

A solar eclipse is a celestial event historically met with a mixture of awe, excitement, and fear; in Hindu mythology, an eclipse is caused when a dragon-demon swallows the sun.   More than one soon-to-be-boiled missionary in hack writing has been saved by conjuring up knowledge of an impending eclipse to intimidate a primitive native population…

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One Comment on “Longest Eclipse!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    As I recall, that’s also how a certain time-traveling Connecticut Yankee escaped being burned for witchcraft in King Arthur’s court.*

    *I wish the Bing Crosby/Rhonda Fleming version was available on DVD. 😦


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