Simon Cowell Hugged by Bunny!

simon-hugged–It was kind of a surreal moment for American Idol; competition judge Simon Cowell, known for his sharp tongue, was hugged by a man in a pink bunny suit during the Salt Lake City auditions!

The guy in the rabbit suit was big, bearded, and bespectacled, and was brought to the auditions as a lucky charm sidekick by a contestant, who did not advance to Hollywood.  The bunny, in a cheesy and ludicrous pink fursuit, was not deterred by his partner’s rejection from hugging Simon, vigorously enough in fact to pick up the Englishman from the ground!

One of the more memorable strange Idol auditions since a contestant wore a cow suit complete with udder in a past season…

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2 Comments on “Simon Cowell Hugged by Bunny!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Harvey strikes again!


  2. firefox b Says:

    Good to know he’s still with us!


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