Romeo, The Lone Wolf of Juneau

romeoNear  Juneau, Alaska resides a handsome black wolf who lives a solitary existence apart from a mate or wolf pack.  The locals call him Romeo, as he may be the mate of a deceased female wolf called Juliet, who was found dead in 2003. Romeo is estimated to be about eight years old, and for the past six years he has appeared for a six month stretch beginning in November when the glacier’s lakes start to freeze.

Romeo is often seen patrolling Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier.  As predators go Romeo is gregarious, clearly at ease with humans walking within a few hundred yards.  He seems to seek the company of people walking their dogs, and is as curious about humans as they are of him.

Moving with strong, graceful strides, Romeo leaves paw prints the size of some  adult human hands, and has a lonely, howling cry…he is mysterious and magnificent!

(P.S.–A very Happy New Year to all of my valued readers!)

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One Comment on “Romeo, The Lone Wolf of Juneau”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Live long and prosper, Romeo!

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