Hair Raising?

This is strange, and will probably be loved or hated.–Furry Hairstyles? I am attracted by the foxy one on the left, but would probably try to mate with her hair or run away with it <*blushes*>!  Just the kind of thing to sport at your next furry convention, or use to proclaim your identity to the world!

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One Comment on “Hair Raising?”

  1. angelbearoh Says:

    I would probably hate it. Unlike most furries, I keep a pretty stiff fence between my real self and my fantasy self. Either I wear all of the costume, or none of it. Hairstyles that look like like fox ears or antlers are just about the scariest things anybody has ever come up with, and I won’t have Skye Goodfellow the Angel Bear being anything anybody’s afraid of.


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