The Grassman Cometh…

Bigfoot is known by many names dependent on the region; Sasquatch, Yeti, even the Skunk Ape.  In Ohio, MonsterQuest reports that he is known as The Grassman. No, he isn’t a pot smoker, and he does show some variations from the usual Bigfoot traits, such as a habit of building “nests” on the forest floor.  These nests are crafted so well that two researchers trying to duplicate one could make only a pitiful simulation.  Other Bigfoot traits seem almost universally reported; e.g., the bad odor and the abundant hair.

I profess a weakness for the JackLinks “Messing With Sasquatch” commercial series in which Bigfoot is portrayed sympathetically as more sinned against than sinning, and gets his revenge on his tormentors!

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One Comment on “The Grassman Cometh…”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    You think “Ohio Grassman” is an unfitting nickname for a purported relative of Sasquatch? How about the common abbreviation used for the Show-Me State’s version?

    Specifically; Momo (“Missouri Monster”)!


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