Yesterday’s Tomorrows…

I have to confess that I’m pretty ticked that I don’t have my flying car yet. Now I really wouldn’t have wanted one that looked like a small rocket ship, as I’m more into the retro futurism look. Just give me something that looks like a Volkswagen but can fly, ok?

And another thing…where are the skyships, since zeppelins were at one time predicted to be the future of aviation? I always wanted to be a sky captain, navigating one of those big, majestic craft between the cities, and maybe occasionally repelling sky pirates for a little romance and excitement. – – Why did the Hindenburg have to blow up?!

And where are the robots? They were supposed to be everywhere, some assuming all labor so you’d never have to lift a finger. You’d have to watch out for the bad robots, however, who could be quite menacing, both to you individually and to the human race…

Bad robots were usually made by mad scientists, who are also in short supply these days. I think that being a mad scientist was my role model at one time. I liked the look and the vibe, plus you didn’t have to worry about fashion or hair care…

But alas, the future as I wanted it never came to pass. Instead we got smart phones and Facebook. Guess I’ll just have to concentrate on doing the personal evolution thing…

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6 Comments on “Yesterday’s Tomorrows…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Alas! Most 21st-century foxes now work for Disney.


    But, yeah, I can dig where you’re coming from. I’m bummed out, myself, that some of the Jetson and BTTF predictions have not yet come true.

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  2. carycomic Says:

    Let’s just say the only species of shark not covered by Shark Week…is the loan shark.

    Speaking of which: this year’s documentary offerings were kind of lackluster. Especially, with regard to the “celebrity” guests. Tiffany Haddish and Dr. Pimple-popper? Really?!

    What will they come up with for next year?

    “Live, from South Africa, it’s…EL DIABLO AND BIG MAMA: WEDDING OFF BIRD ISLAND!”

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