“Irritabelle,” the Viberzi Woman…

I find people with their internal organs visible disquieting, unless of course they are zombies, in which case you expect that kind of thing, and it’s part of the desired effect.  When said people with visible internal organs jabber and cling, they can be downright annoying, however.  Zombies at least just growl and make noises while they’re trying to eat you.

Submitted for your approval is Irritabelle, the Viberzi commercial woman. Now Irritabelle wears a flesh-colored body suit that’s non-descript except for the imprint of her lower gastrointestinal tract.  Yes, I know, pretty soon all of the young and fashion-conscious will be wearing them.  Irritabelle hangs around her greater self at such places as the market, the office, the bedroom, the beach,  the store, and the doctor’s office, promising the woman she’s part of such sought-after things as abdominal pain and diarrhea, and almost gleefully dragging the woman she dogs off to the bathroom.  She’s a bit of a cut-up too, even wearing an improvised cape at the doctor’s office like a demented superhero…colon girl, perhaps.  Irritabelle and the Lactaide cow whose milk messes with you would probably get along famously.  A show starring the Cow and the Colon would probably beat most reality television.

At any rate, as the personification for Irritable Bowel Sydrome in a commercial for a remedial medication, Irritabelle seems to have plenty of get-up-and-go.  Never has a “gut leotard” looked this good!


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3 Comments on ““Irritabelle,” the Viberzi Woman…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I just call her the Diarrhea Lady. But, whatever her nickname behind the scenes, I think the actress’ real name is Geri Hall. I say that because I recently saw a re-run of the Hallmark holiday classic “On The 12th Day of Christmas” starring Brooke Nevin. It was filmed up in Canada. And Ms. Hall (who bears a striking–if shorter-haired–resemblance to Irritabelle) played a radio station programming director.

    Speaking of mass media; there’s an on-line news story floating around this morning about a fox cub rescued from a London construction site! You should dig it up.*

    *Sorry; pun genuinely not intended…for once.


  2. carycomic Says:

    Btw: I’m uncertain if it was you, or Irritabelle’s press agents, who came up with the other nickname; “The Blood and Skull Lady.” But, either way, I have to tell you…that sounds more like an episode title for MOUNTAIN MONSTER HUNTERS!


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