Florida Zombie; Dybbuk; Shenango Dog Boy…


According to a trio of terrors presented in S2/Ep03 (2015) of Monsters and Mysteries in America, zombies have been seen in Florida!  On May 26th, 2012 in the Miami area, a Randy Eugene was seen walking incoherently on the highway, attacking a homeless man thereafter and beginning to eat his face.  Police arrived, and dispatched the man with several shots.  Post-mortem blood work failed to reveal any substance that could account for the bizarre behavior.  Then in Delray Beach on February 4, 2014 a teenage girl was attacked by a naked man, her older brother attempting to intervene but faring poorly against the assailant despite inflicting wounds to him with a box cutter. The father of the siblings joined the fray, and finally the zombie backed off.  Police sometime later cornered and shot the zombie, with again no explanation found for his behavior in post-mortem examinations…

The Dybbuk is a powerful demon in Jewish mythology summoned into the world to seek revenge.  A museum director in Kirksville, Missouri acquired a possessed wine cabinet supposedly originating with Polish Jewish women in World War II and spellcast to fight Nazi evil.  The accursed box made its way to Kirksville owing to a former resident there called Laughlin who espoused eugenics, ideas which resonated with Hitler.  Anyways, the museum director brought the box home, at which point strange things started to happen.  Touching the box brought unusual sensations, and black emanations were seen to come from it.  The health of the museum director deteriorated, and the box also seemed to play havoc with light bulbs and other powered devices.  After consulting with a rabbi, the box was buried in a ritual way.  Thereafter, a sinkhole developed near the burial site!

Lastly, the Shenango Dog Boy is indigenous to northwest Pennsylvania, has stories tracing back to German settlers, and may possibly be the product of European folk magic.   Standing three to four feet tall and completely covered in hair, the Dog Boy supposedly lived in an abandoned farm house.  He was reportedly seen by two sisters in 1955, who together with their mother barely escaped from him…heel, boy, heel!

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2 Comments on “Florida Zombie; Dybbuk; Shenango Dog Boy…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Did anybody in Florida check for sentient oil?*

    *Cue X-FILES theme.


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