Nissan Pathfinder Commercial, “The Ark”


A countryside drive in the rain becomes an animal rescue mission of sorts for a father and daughter in a recent Nissan commercial for their Pathfinder model. In this relatively simple but cute entry, it’s not a fit day for man nor beast out…and the animals, both domestic and wild, appear forlornly along the roadside, apparently in need of rescue, or at least a place out of the rain. Fortunately, the Pathfinder has lots of room, and the father obligingly pulls up to allow his daughter to collect the sodden animals, appearing in biblical groups of two.

They certainly are a diverse lot, with even kangaroos and penguins among their number! I’m happy to report that a fox may be seen in the back seat as well. At the end of the ad, the storm is over, the skies are clearing, and the animals are departing the Nissan; the world is made anew! Now if only Russell Crowe had been hired to drive the Pathfinder, clad in his Noah costume…but the producers probably didn’t have that kind of budget.

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3 Comments on “Nissan Pathfinder Commercial, “The Ark””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I went to see that film, with my mother (who’s the most ardent church-goer in the family). And, we both agreed on two points: it was a massive waste of Russell Crowe’s talents. And the movie, as a whole, was one big piece of eco-terrorist crap!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I’m a big fan of Russell Crowe, but haven’t seen “Noah” yet; I’m not even sure it played in theaters in my area. I’ll await release to video or better still, one of the premium networks!


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