Mountain Monsters: “Uncaged”…


Those who tuned in to Destination America’s “Mountain Monsters: Uncaged” show expecting a new episode instead got a repackaged and reheated old episode with so-called “bonus footage,” “insider facts,” “Behind the Scenes Secrets,” producer interviews with cast members, and on-screen written commentary as old footage rolled. The episode so rehashed was the “Kentucky Hellhound of Pike County” installment that we’ve commentated previously on in April, and reference is made to that posting should the reader desire information on it.

We’ve seen this kind of trick pulled before where old material is paired with some augmentation and commentary, and pushed back on viewers as a “special edition” or something similar.  In “Behind the Hunt” conversations, the show’s executive producer interviewed cast members, who were seated as a group in a cozy-looking hunting lodge setting that was complete with a bearskin rug on the floor. These conversations yielded such gems as team leader Trapper saying in reference to the Hellhound, “We kinda put fear in that creature’s heart.”  

To me, what was touted as an “enhanced episode” showed little actual enhancement, except for perhaps die-hard fans.  It was perhaps appropriate to refer to the show as “Uncaged,” however, since these guys haven’t been able to cage and maintain captivity of anything unknown so far…


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3 Comments on “Mountain Monsters: “Uncaged”…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Their next quarry: the elusive Nielsen Rating.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      We’ll see how long they last! The fact that they have new episodes and are generally outrageous is what keeps the show going, at least for now…


      • carycomic Says:

        You know, speaking of old footage: why does Animal Planet keep re-running those mermaid mock-umentaries? I tried watching the first fifteen minutes of the original one…and I was literally snoring before the first commercial!

        Leading me to the unalterable conclusion that the second one is probably as boring as a live-action Steve Carrell film (which is saying a lot!)


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