Cattle Mutilations!

s-COW-large – – Alright! – – Who’s up for a show on cattle mutilations!

What a silly question! – – We all are, of course! Cattle mutilations carry that heady odd mixture of attraction and repulsion that makes something utterly irresistible, at least for those of us hooked on the strange, the macabre, and the unexplained. Speaking of which, The Unexplained Files conveniently served up a heaping helping of cattle mutilations on their most recent episode! – – Who says that television is a vast wasteland?!

Anyways, in the San Luis Valley in Colorado as in other midwestern states, cattle have been mutilated with near surgical precision, their eyes, ears, tongues, and sex organs removed with the corpses drained of blood. The cuts applied have apparently been cauterized with intense heat. Pet horses have also been so mutilated. Many of the mutilated animals share bone fractures, as if the animals were dropped from a height to the location of their discovery.

A number of explanations were advanced to possibly explain the phenomena. Predators remain the official explanation, although this seems unlikely as body parts were not strewn about, the grounds of discovery were curiously bloodless, and harvesting of body parts seems both unusual and selective. Speculation also exists that extraterrestrials were involved, possibly using bovine and equine blood to create hybrids. UFO sightings have been reported following some reported mutilations.

Theories also exist that human and governmental involvement is responsible, representing a kind of clandestine federal monitoring program of the food chain in order to contain a deadly outbreak of “mad cow” disease or possibly bioterrorism. Black helicopters favored by “black ops” agents have been reported by some area residents following mutilation incidents, although still others see the deeds as the work of whacked-out cultists.

At any rate, the bovine and equine deaths were both strange and unnatural, with unanswered questions likely to linger for the indefinite future. – – Anyone up for a burger? I’ll pass, thank you…

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3 Comments on “Cattle Mutilations!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    1). Colorado is technically a Rocky Mountain State. Not Midwestern.

    2) The secret government experimentation program is still the most plausible theory for those who don’t believe in flying saucers and little gray men. Indeed; it was depicted with frightening plausibility in a certain old Robert Urich movie co-starring JoBeth Williams.

    3) At least this new show didn’t try to blame all 40 years-worth of mutilations on a simple combination of night bird scavenging and accelerated decomposition gas bloating (like the aforementioned FOF did).


    • carycomic Says:

      P.S.—thanks for letting me rant. In all honesty, FACT OR FAKED usually had more hits than misses. So, I’m a little miffed that Syfy chose to drop in favor of “reality” (emphaisi on the sarcastic quote marks) shows like HEROES OF COSPLAY.


      • vulpesffb Says:

        The Syfy Channel leaves me scratching my head sometimes, but like a masochist, I keep coming back for more, perhaps because I sometimes like to wallow in bad content or put my critical brain in neutral and let the drek wash over me! Shamefully, I don’t always feel bad afterwards, either…


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