The NYC Subway Shark…

subway– – We can remember Chevy Chase’s classic SNL “land shark” routines, and it sounds like a plot for another outrageous Syfy channel movie, but this one’s real…a shark was found on a New York City subway car!  I swear that I am not making this up…

Dead, unfortunately, and certainly a fish out of water tale (–yeah, I know it’s technically not a true fish), it seems that a small shark washed up at Brooklyn’s Coney Island. — Well, a few kids picked up the deceased shark, and had their pictures taken with it, kids loving scary and gross things.  The corpus delicti then wound up beside a roller coaster, where a 31-year-old man decided to take it home with him…the perfect gift for every occasion, and all.  Then the gentleman thoughtfully decided to leave the shark on the subway for his fellow New Yorkers to enjoy.   This the denizens of the City that Never Sleeps did, taking pictures of the late shark and with it, some even propping cigarettes in its mouth and a MetroCard by its side.  New York is truly a tough city, you see, known for taking things in stride.  A shark to a New Yorker would be a minor inconvenience.

At least the shark got a good send-off, going for a great ride on the N train at the end…and it all suitably transpired during the beloved Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!  I love happy endings…

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2 Comments on “The NYC Subway Shark…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I was initially going to make a pun about a “lone” shark. But, I changed my mind at the last second. As for Shark Week 2013? I found it slightly more uninteresting, this year. Maybe I’m getting jaded. Maybe it was the needless, and totally insipid, SHARK AFTER DARK segments. Or, maybe it was both.

    But, the only special I found even half-way decent was the pseudo-documentary MEGALODON: THE MONSTER SHARK LIVES!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Thank you for sparing us the “loan shark” pun! Perhaps he who borrows from a loan shark is likely to sleep a-lone with the fishes, no?


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