Hellhounds– – Hellhounds as profiled on Syfy’s “Haunted Highway” show in a 2012 episode are supposedly the spirits of vicious dogs that were once abused by miners in the El Dorado Canyon in Nevada; attributed to be horse-high and razor-fanged,  they were sought by investigators Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman in the vicinity of the abandoned Knob Hill mine. 

A remote control car with a camera attachment was originally sent into the mine, but it malfunctioned, necessitating that the researchers enter the mine personally.  One supposedly summons such hellhounds by rattling a chain, and darned if they didn’t do just that, and to no effect; a lamp set upon a boulder to light their way back had been upset, however, by an unknown force.   A heat signature image of some kind of canine was earlier captured, which a consulted biologist upon reviewing the thermal footage contended could easily have been a coyote…others say it was a trained German Shepherd!  An EVP recording of a strange growling sound was also obtained, but overall the study was inconclusive.

I like the idea of terrifying spectral demon dogs, and we remember that hellhounds were among the monsters most feared by “Supernatural’s” Sam and Dean Winchester..

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2 Comments on “Hellhounds…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    The ones in your frozen-framed screen capture look more like the “Beast of Bodmin Moor” video from a recent re-run of FACT OR FAKED: THE PARANORMAL FILES. And, the resident investigators of that show speculated (among other things) that the cryptid in question might be a genetically-engineered hybrid of wild boar and African lion!*

    *No wonder the latter is on permanent “hiatus.”


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