Furries, International!

– – The furry movement is sweeping Mexico…well, perhaps not sweeping, and I don’t mean cleaning the streets, but at least gaining followers.  While certainly not every fan is a fursuiter,  one Mexican notes that “When I have the suit on I feel like I can do things I otherwise wouldn’t.  I can be friendlier, more affectionate.  I think people think its more acceptable like this than if I didn’t have the costume on.” 

We note this here because the furry fandom boasts an international following that may conservatively be estimated to be in the thousands.  While this blog is not exclusively furry, it does aspire to draw furries, as well as those interested in animal influences in popular culture and scientific or speculative information related to animals.  Something that always awes me in examining the demographics of this blog is that we draw readers from around the world!  While the majority of our readers do hail from the United States, we regularly draw viewers as well from the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Poland…fully 14 countries other than the U.S. as of yesterday!- –Yay!  We must be serving some interests and purpose here, and when I figure out what it is, I’ll pass the information on.

Anyways, the presence of each and every one of you is welcome and appreciated!  <group hug>

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4 Comments on “Furries, International!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, let’s not forget the original Spanish-speaking furry whose name translates as… “The Fox.”

    “Out of the night, all wrongs to make right
    Rides the horseman called…El Zorro.”

    “El Zorro!
    (EL ZORRO!)
    He makes the sign of the z.
    El Zorro!
    (EL ZORRO!)
    The swashbuckling fur-ry-y!”


    • carycomic Says:

      P.S.—repeating the “Zorro” chant ad nauseam, till fade-out, would’ve made it mandatory for you to pay WD massive royalties.


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