Grin and Bear It!

– – During medieval times, animals were at times tormented as public entertainment through such displays as bear-baiting and what was termed the “horse and ape” spectacle; dogs were also trained to fight bears and bulls confined in a pit.  To add insult to injury, animals were occasionally even put on trial!   In 1499, a bear was charged with terrorizing villages in Germany.   Defense lawyers cried foul (not bruin), and pleaded that the defendant should be tried by a jury of its peers…peer bears, that is!

If,  however,  Yogi Bear is ever put on trial, I’d volunteer to be judge, jury, and Lord High Executioner…sorry, Boo-boo!

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2 Comments on “Grin and Bear It!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    As Smoky the Bear’s lawyer might say:

    “Only YOU can prevent a mistrial.”


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