The Sampson’s Fox

– – Some people don’t believe in the existence of the Sampson’s Fox, which may be a gray or red fox with a coat mutation.  He is reported to have a short coat, big ears, and a long skinny tail almost as long as his body.  Sampson’s is a rare genetic disease or mutation affecting less than 1% of the fox population and inhibiting the growth of guard hairs, the beautiful fluffy coat that gives foxes such panache!

Sampson’s foxes have been reported in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Colorado, Alaska, and the Carolinas.  It’s also possible that reported sightings may be of animals with mange, or even of someone’s escaped exotic African or Asian pet; such creatures at times have likely been reported as “chupacabras.”

And please, don’t make fun of mutant foxes, or refer to us as “bastard” foxes.- -That’s going entirely too far, and we have feelings, too…jeez!

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4 Comments on “The Sampson’s Fox”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Another possibility (though it’s reportedly even rarer than Sampson’s Disease): fox/feral dog hybrids!

    Btw: are you sure it’s not “Samson’s Disease” (in allusion to the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah)?


    • vulpesffb Says:

      And BTW, wouldn’t “Sampson Fox” be a great name for either 1.) an action hero, or 2.) a porn star?! I can see stories in the making here!

      “The name?–Fox, Sampson Fox…envied by men, desired by women, and chased by hounds!–Catch me if you can, Old Sport…” (Downs martini, performs wheelie on motorcycle and vanishes from sight, sounds of his engine gradually fading in the distance…) 😉


      • carycomic Says:

        As I recall, there actually was a Saturday morning cartoon called “The Fox and The Hound” during the early 1960’s!

        It was from the same studio that did TENNESSEE TUXEDO. And, the Hound was a police detective (complete with trenchcoat and fedora) while the Fox was a high-end burglar.


        • vulpesffb Says:

          –See?–That perfectly illustrates the negative stereotyping of foxes!–Ooh, that makes me so angry…very angry indeed! (does passable “Marvin the Martian” imitation)


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