Bad Kitty!

– -I, for one, would not care to run afoul of this cat…he looks like an evil feline mastermind, or something that a Harry Potter villain might morph into!

…appearing like something out of a Stephen King novel, the cat, appropriately named Tiger, has reportedly inflicted “nasty injuries” upon postal delivery personnel in a small town called Farsley in Northern England.   Royal Mail has announced that they will no longer deliver mail to the home of Tiger’s owner…they apparently are not adept at dealing with cases of feline demonic possession.

By the way, the cat is 19-years-old, which is 92 in human years…but I still don’t recommend disrespecting him!   Do so at your own peril…total global domination is this feline’s goal!

(…Upcoming:  our last best hope!)

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2 Comments on “Bad Kitty!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Oh, come on! Don’t try to pull an Orson Wells, here.

    *Shakes head in incredulous disappointment*

    That’s merely the CGI super-villainess Kitty Galore from CATS AND DOGS 2.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Now the story is true, and if the image is not of the actual cat in question, my feed has taken liberties.–Blame my naive and trusting nature! Besides, we’re about to go on a flight of the imagination…


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