Raystown Ray…

– – Pennsylvania’s Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County boasts its own unidentified aquatic creature, with boaters describing sudden water turbulence and old photos showing large shadowy figures just below the surface…

Now Raystown Lake spans about 30 miles and reaches depths of over 185 feet, so there’s plenty of room for a potential cryptid to hide.   Fact or Faked:  Paranormal Files recently did a segment on the creature that included eyewitness accounts, experiments, a sonar run, and a diving search.   Something was seen in the water of considerable size, while visibility was poor and the investigation was inconclusive;  investigators felt that there was something in the water, but that it remained unexplained.- -What could more true, or safer to say?  We’ve heard this kinda thing many times before…

The creature if it exists is felt to be vegetarian, and to display behaviors and feeding habits similar to a manatee.  I personally have been on Raystown Lake, and unfortunately saw nothing…

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3 Comments on “Raystown Ray…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Last night’s episode had one team investigating a set of four cattle mutilations in Colorado. Their experiments led them to conclude that the surgical-style openings in the skin were actually a case of nocturnal avian scavenging. Combined with accelerated bloating-and-bursting of decomposition gases.

    Now, that _might_ be the explanation for these particular dead cattle. But, livestock mutilations in Colorado go back FORTY YEARS OR MORE! Starting with a horse named Snippy. And, like crop circles in vastly different parts of the world, NOT ALL of them can be explained away so conventionally.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I saw that show, too, and it stretches credibility that all cattle mutilations are the results of natural processes. The removal of body parts seems too selective and surgical to me, with much prime meat left untouched. Also suspicious is the simple absence of blood in the animal carcass and in the general area where the animal was brought down.

      By the way, wouldn’t “nocturnal avian scavenging” be a great name for a band?


  2. carycomic Says:

    Nah! It’d be cooler for such a band to call themselves: “the Fire Foxes.” With the bass drum decorated with a photo-manipulation of the Carfox puppet, wearing that flight helmet Clint Eastwood wore in the eponymous Cold War movie.


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