Chupacabra, Once More…

– – Once again a supposed chupacabra has reared his ugly head, again in Texas.  In Hood County, an animal control officer shot and killed in an old barn an unsightly creature described as having deer-like ears, big teeth, and pinkish skin that was unlike anything he had seen before. A few days later and within ten miles, a rancher also shot and killed another of the bizarre creatures, leading some to speculate that there were a pack of them.

Hood County Animal Control has sent one of the deceased creatures to Texas A&M for DNA testing, but don’t bet the rent on it being a chupacabra.   Until test results are in, doctors have only said that it’s some kind of coyote hybrid…very possibly with mange, I might add…

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4 Comments on “Chupacabra, Once More…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I still think these killed “chupacabras” might be coyotes from the vicinity of the old Nevada nuclear testing grounds. Remember John Wayne and all the other cast members from the Genghis Khan bio-pic THE CONQUEROR? Their cancer-related deaths were attributed to inhalation of irradiated dust. Well, the near-hairlessness of these “alleged” coyotes could be the result of the same thing!


  2. carycomic Says:

    One day, it might even be the premise for a Syfy Channel Saturday night movie. “The Irradiated Dust-Rhinos That Flattened Cleveland.”


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