Alternative Animal Trophies

– – Perhaps you have been in a bar, club, or private home that features animal trophies mounted on the wall, usually of the stuffed and decapitated variety.- -Yeah, nothing says “man cave” like the carcass of an animal,  shot from a safe distance with a high-powered weapon!   But as a furry, such spectacles make me want to lose my lunch or vent my indignation, especially when there is a better way…

…consider cardboard animal trophies by Cardboard Safari! You can choose either large or miniature versions of moose, rhino, deer, and the heads of other animals to adorn your walls, and all are made from recycled and non-toxic materials.–The environment and the animal kingdom will thank you!

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2 Comments on “Alternative Animal Trophies”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I’m reminded of an old MGM cartoon (one of the few to _not_ star Tom and Jerry).

    An everyguy named Ed goes deer hunting. And, the deer winds up driving out of the state park in Ed’s convertible (and Ed, himself, tied to the hood)!

    I still giggle at the narrator’s closing line: “Too bad, Ed.”


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