Sock Monkey Mania!

– – Sock monkeys seem to be going through a renaissance lately.  I’ve always found sock monkeys vaguely unnerving, and I’m not sure that I entirely trust them, feeling that there’s more to them than meets the eye.  This impression has been heightened for me by the Kia Sorento “Joyride” commercial featuring a life-sized sock monkey together with his equally-unlikely companions that include a robot, a teddy bear, a knobby orange thing called “Muno,” and “Mr. X.”

Well, no good can come from this unholy alliance, and the strange crew goes on a road trip that includes stops at a bowling alley, a mountainside hot tub, a tattoo parlor, and even Las Vegas where they gamble and show off a few dance moves; what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas, often for good reason.

But suddenly, we flash back to reality, where the characters in this surreal little drama turn out to be toys in the back seat of a Sorento!  It’s kinda like A Toy Story on acid, or maybe a rejected Twilight Zone episode…

…and I’m still uneasy about sock monkeys!   Perhaps it’s because he’s shown driving the car, although from what I’ve seen some cars might be better driven by a sock monkey…at least he’s not texting!     😉

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7 Comments on “Sock Monkey Mania!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Didn’t Peter Gabriel once do a music video called “Sock The Monkey?”


  2. carycomic Says:

    P.S. Mr. X appears to be the love-child of Cousin Itt Addams and the Planters Peanut mascot!


  3. joyridedreamer Says:

    Why the sock monkey gets a “MOM” tattoo is actually really quite touching – nothing rebel about it. I am the maker [mom] of the actual hand held toy that you see in the commercial…and it was a surprise late addition to the ad. Of course the costumed actor is never going to meet up to the sweet little toy that gets drug around everywhere…


    • vulpesffb Says:

      As the actual creator of the sock monkey toy depicted, you are as close to a celebrity as we will ever see here, and we are honored by your visit! Please understand that the post intended no real disrespect to sock monkeys, those who create them, or who enjoy them. We just push the envelope a bit here in the interests of humor, and sometimes cross the line!


  4. joyridedreamer Says:

    Hey thank you! There are some sock monkeys that are down right scary! In fact I have one in my collection that I think is energetically troubled! I wish I felt ok to put her down – LOL – so it is totally understandable to be uneasy by them. That was my job with the agency – picking a face that would be well received. The costume is weird for me, but then there are those who can’t wait to get one and ride around in it! There are as many faces and energies in sock monkeys as there are in humans…and some humans are down right frightening… Please push away! Cross the line! That is what they are all about – creativity!


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