Meaning in Randomness…

– – There is that in the human mind which wants to see patterns in chaos, and order in the random.  Pareidolia is the term for the psychological phenomenom where a vague or random stimulus is assigned a pattern or meaning by the person perceiving it, and regarded to be significant.  Examples of this might include seeing faces or animals in clouds, Elvis in bathroom mold, or Jesus in food residue…

Consider this instance of an image of Christ found in bacon remnants that were created when a young English gentleman went to cook up some bacon in a frying pan, falling asleep and awakening to find an apparent divine image in what remained.  Dependent upon the nature of the image, their size, and their location, crowds of the faithful or the merely curious can be drawn, and fortunes made by sale of the item on eBay.

We will leave it to others to ponder whether the bacon was cured by Jesus, or if the real miracle was that the gentleman didn’t burn his house down!- -No wonder some think bacon tastes divine!    😉

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One Comment on “Meaning in Randomness…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I’m tempted to make a remark about Jesus’ pan. But, I shan’t (as they say in the King James Version).


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