The Ins and Outs of McDonald’s Pigs…

– – McDonald’s recently introduced a series of cartoon character miniatures in Singapore depicting the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar; think Happy Meal-type toys. Not wishing to offend Muslims, however, McDonald’s replaced the pig with a character of the love god Cupid, which turned out to be stupid

If you’re gonna do something, do it right and do it correctly, which doesn’t mean catering to political correctness to an extent that defeats the purpose of what you’re doing.- –Well, Mickey D’s didn’t anticipate a backlash by the 75% Chinese population in Singapore, who understandably complained that they would not have a chance to buy the complete set or for those involved, the animal character representing their birth year.

McDonald’s then backpedaled, re-instituting the pig character and apologizing all over themselves to the Chinese community. The Pig as one of the Chinese zodiac characters is part of Chinese culture and customs, and is not representing food offensive to Muslims…and for crying out loud, it was in this case  just a little stuffed toy!

It’s nice to occasionally see political correctness lose out to common sense!

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2 Comments on “The Ins and Outs of McDonald’s Pigs…”

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  2. carycomic Says:

    Here’s a joke I found in dental back-issue of READER’S DIGEST: Why would India not raise a fuss about McDonald’s franchises in their country?

    The latter don’t use real beef in their hamburgs, anyway!*

    *The cover date was from the late 1970’s. And, if memory serves, it caused a minor scandal (at the time) when it was learned Mickey D’s was using horsemeat patties!!


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