Fenrir Rocks!

– – I, for one, am glad that furries will be well-represented at the end of the world…

…In Norse mythology, the eldest son of Loki is described as a gigantic wolf, Fenrir, who was raised in the home of the gods, Asgard. Being a monster, the gods identified him with the prophecy that a wolf and his family would someday destroy the world.  Getting a bum rap, Fenrir was then chased,  caught, and locked into a cage while still a pup to avoid the catastrophe!- –Cruelty to animals! When he grew into adulthood, the Norse gods chained him, but Fenrir broke the chains!- -Good show and all that!   Dwarves then made a magical chain out of six elements, with the chain thin but strong enough not to be broken.  For good measure, poor Fenrir was put a mile down into the earth and chained to a rock!  This bites…and Fenrir did, taking off the hand of Tyr, the god of war…

…But on the day of Ragnarok (Doom of the Gods), Fenrir will escape, devour Odin, and join the other giants in a great battle before the end of the world!- – Wouldn’t ‘ya love a ticket to see that?!- -Can’t keep a good wolf down!

…payback time, you see, is hell!- –You go, Fenrir!!!- -Bite the power!

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2 Comments on “Fenrir Rocks!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    According to Marvel Comics, Ragnarok was a false prophecy. A cyclical thing engineered by the Asgardians’ own gods, They Who Stand Above In Shadow, so the latter could feed off the mystical life-forces of those who got killed!

    And, personally, I think Freki and Geryon were better wolves.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      “They Who Stand Above In Shadow” sounds totally cool!–I’m still awaiting results of my application to “The Guild of Malevolent Intent!”

      And I like a man who knows his wolves! 😉


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