Iguanas Dropping From Trees!

– – How cold is it in Florida?- -Cold enough so that iguanas are dropping off the trees!

Scientists say that when temperatures drop below 40 degrees, so do the iguanas; they essentially go into hibernation in order to survive!  This fact has spawned at least one urban legend of a guy who collected some stunned iguanas and put a bunch of them in the back seat of his car, thinking them dead.  – –Well, when he ran the heat in his car, the  iguanas came back to life, probably asked to be driven to Taco Belle, and began crawling all over things, to catastrophic effect- -or at least so the story says!

Meanwhile, more than 140 Florida sea turtles have washed up on the shores within a 48-hour period, stunned by the cold.  The turtles simply become lethargic, can’t swim anymore, and wash up on shore.  The Florida Aquarium is helping some of the turtles survive…

At least we have stunned iguanas raining from trees to talk about until the new season of MonsterQuest begins!

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5 Comments on “Iguanas Dropping From Trees!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Is there a viable market for “iguansicles?”


  2. carycomic Says:

    I’ll bet they taste like rubber chicken.


  3. carycomic Says:

    Imagine ventriloquist Jeff Dunham trying to fend that little food item!

    “It’s char-broiled iguana…on a stick!”


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