Heroic Golden Retriever

– – Saturday night in British Columbia, Canada an 11-year-old boy was gathering firewood in his backyard when his18-month-old golden retriever ran towards him, jumping over a lawn mower and into the path of a charging cougar!

The dog, appropriately called Angel, took the brunt of the cougar’s attack and when Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived, they found the dog under the front porch with the cougar’s jaws locked around her neck.  Two rounds shot into the cougar’s rear end were unable to break the death grip, and it was subsequently necessary to fire a third shot and kill the cougar.

Angel the retriever suffered extensive injuries including a fractured skull, but underwent surgery and her vets hope for a full recovery.  Greater love hath no dog than this, right?

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One Comment on “Heroic Golden Retriever”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Amen! Get well soon, Angel.


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