–Diver Dan!

– – Kid’s shows used to have special effects that weren’t terribly special.  Take, for example, Diver Dan, a cheesy black and white show from the early 1960’s that was shot through a large fish tank with the human cast simply on the other side of the tank acting out their scenes! Diver Dan wore a clunky old-style deep sea diving suit, and talked to anthropomorphic fish-marionettes that floated by.- -Here, Diver Dan is shown with the affable Finley.

Some of the fish characters were a hoot, however, and included the evil Baron Barracuda with his sidekick, Trigger Fish, who was usually shown smoking a cigarette!  Don’t ask me how he managed to get it to stay lit underwater…they were innocent and politically incorrect times, anyhow…  

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2 Comments on “–Diver Dan!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I remember hearing of that on a documentary about the Chicago BOZO THE CLOWN show. I’m not sure, but I think the old theme song for the serial went:

    “Wherever there’s danger, below in the sea,
    That’s where you’ll find Diver Dan.
    The sights that he sees are terrific and
    Stranger than ever you’ll find on the land.”


    • vulpesffb Says:

      You’re darn close! My sources say it’s:
      “Below in the deep there’s adventure and danger.
      That’s where you’ll find Diver Dan!
      The sights that he sees are surprising and stranger
      Than ever you’ll see on the land!”

      Now that’s the Opening theme! We won’t get into the closing theme, which I think is artistically inferior.–Also, I’m too lazy to type it!


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