Deer Takes The Plunge!

Deer-In-Pool01– -Swimming is great exercise, and it was no Halloween prank when a deer in Gastonia, North Carolina got a workout after he jumped from a balcony through a glass roof and into the area surrounding an indoor pool at the Ashley Arms Historic Apartments on October 30th. After pacing the pool’s perimeter a few times, the deer took the plunge and started swimming laps for about 15 minutes, looking for a way out!

Maintenance supervisors were able to use a net to herd the tiring animal to the shallow end of the pool, where he walked up the steps and ran away, successfully avoiding the traffic. – – It was all caught on security camera video!– -And wait until the does catch a look at that buck’s swimmer’s bod!

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3 Comments on “Deer Takes The Plunge!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    He’ll probably invite them over for a stag party.


  2. carycomic Says:

    Or, perhaps, just have a picnic sponsored by the local Elks’ Lodge?


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