The Demonization and Canonization of Michael Jackson

Jackson— So what’s a Michael Jackson post doing in a furry blog?  Well, don’t forget that he did a rather good were in his Thriller video!

I think it’s important to separate Michael Jackson the artist from Michael Jackson the Sideshow, which occupied most of the public and press attention for the past 20 plus years or so.  Michael was a great performer with a variety of gifts, the megastar of the 1980’s.  In addition to the music, Michael was a dazzling dancer whose moves at times couldn’t be believed even when seen; he radiated vibrant youth and kinetic energy at his prime.   Thriller was as good a concept piece as has ever been done, the video inspired by Jackson’s enjoyment of American Werewolf in London. The dancing zombies of Thriller continue to awe me even today.

It’s unfortunate that Michael’s personal idiosyncrasies diminished his popularity and earned him the “Wacko Jacko” label; he didn’t need all those plastic surgeries, and at times conveyed an edge of creepiness.  Michael needed better handlers to save him from himself.   In middle age, Jackson struggled to recapture his earlier fame and fan base, following the destructive downward spiral that Elvis and other great performers have traveled, apparently and sadly not omitting the drug component.  As with Elvis, death is likely to provide Michael with a post-mortem career boost and solidify his reputation; the soaring accolades have already begun.   One wonders where all of his well-wishers were when Jackson stood almost alone on abuse charges, and when he was in crying need of interventions for apparent prescription drug addictions.

Immensely talented, tormented, and twisted, both child-like and complex, Michael Jackson was one of a kind.  Adored by some, demonized by others, he was always intriguing…rest in peace, Michael, and thank you for sharing your uniqueness and great performance gifts with us.

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3 Comments on “The Demonization and Canonization of Michael Jackson”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    Well said!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Thank ‘ya!–Michael may have had a dark side, but in varying degrees, we all do…and he also gave much. Few of us are subjected to the withering scrutiny that Jackson was. Constantly morphing, I prefer the “Thriller” era Michael Jackson…


  2. Carycomic Says:

    I’ll always long for the Jackson 5 era (Rankin-Bass cartoon included).

    “Stop! The love you save maybe your own. Look both ways before you cross me! You’re headed for a danger zone.”


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