“1000 Ways To Die” Misrepresentation

1000-ways–Hosted by Spike TV,  1000 Ways to Die can be morbidly fascinating, although one would be well advised to take some of its reported “true” deaths with a large grain of salt….

…one such segment, Em-Bear-Assed, is a case in point.  In the episode, a guy gets high on psychedelic mushrooms, then wanders about in the desert talking to bushes and whatever else it is that one does when high on mushrooms.  What should he encounter in that desert but a bunch of fursuiters err, enjoying one another’s company (wink wink).  Well, the dude tries to get in on the revelry, and is brushed off by several, including a really big chicken.  He then latches onto a black bear, as if they were indigenous to the desert…and, guess what?–The bear is the genuine article!

So, the bear gets an easy kill, and the furry community again gets insulted by yet another misrepresentation by those who neither understand nor are part of the furry subculture… <sigh>

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2 Comments on ““1000 Ways To Die” Misrepresentation”

  1. carycomic Says:

    That’s why I never order mushrooms on my Pizza Hut orders. Strictly “Meat Lovers” style for me!

    • firefox b Says:

      If you ordered mushrooms on your Pizza Hut order and they were psychedelic, then perhaps you might have visions of “Pizza the Hutt” as seen in the movie “Spaceballs!”–Too much for this fox to handle! 😉

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