Eugene the Jeep

the-jeep–Eugene the Jeep is a bizarre cartoon animal living in our three-dimensional world who really belongs to a fourth-dimensional world.  He is loosely described as being “a magical dog (who) can disappear and things.”  His cells were forced through the dimensional barrier into our world, where they combined with free life cells of the African Hooey Hound.

The Jeep is a yellow creature about the size of a dog who walks on his hind legs, has a bear-like head and ears with a large nose, long tail, and protruding stomach.   Moreover, his diet consists only of orchids.  The Jeep has high intelligence and employs a limited form of teleportation as a function of his fourth dimensional genes and origin,  yet communicates largely through body language.  He can walk through and on walls and ceilings.

No, I haven’t been drinking or ingesting controlled substances.  And what is remarkable is that this far-out animal creation appeared in some Popeye the Sailor cartoons from the 1930’s!  Truly a creation decades ahead of his time…

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One Comment on “Eugene the Jeep”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Like I said, earlier: PETA should sue anybody who names their pet “Eugene,” for cruelty to animals. It’s bad enought when _kids_ named Eugene get beaten up, for that reason!


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