The Minnow Rides Again!

–Remember Gilligan’s Island, the old sitcom so bad that it was good?–“Seven passengers set sail that day on a three-hour tour?”–Well, the ill-fated boat The Minnow from that show has been restored by a new owner, and will again be offering three-hour tours in Canada.

It has long been debated which character was hotter on that show, Ginger the movie star or Mary Ann, the girl next door.  For me, it was two paws up for Mary Ann.– And let us not forget the Professor, who could make a radio from coconuts, but not fix a hole in the boat’s hull! The Professor was a good-looking dude in his day...

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2 Comments on “The Minnow Rides Again!”

  1. 143sanakhan143 Says:

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    • vulpesffb Says:

      Thank you for your very kind comment! I’ll continue posting here as long as I have readers who enjoy the madness.–Your readership is appreciated!


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