Vampire Beast of North Carolina?

MonsterQuest in a current new episode presented a story of a “vampire-beast” killing goats and dogs in the small North Carolina town of Bladenboro.  In some cases, the dogs killed were pit bulls; no easy kill!  Slain animals in some cases had their skulls crushed flat with blood pretty much extracted from the victim’s body.  What’s additionally intriguing was that similar slayings occurred 50 years ago, drawing hunters from a wide area in search of the predator.

The episode came to the conclusion that the killings most likely resulted from a mountain lion relocated to the area, although this explanation didn’t seem to cover all of the incidentals of the cases reported…

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11 Comments on “Vampire Beast of North Carolina?”

  1. Garrett Hamner Says:

    In 2000 in Texas they found a “vampire beast”. They actually found a body and did test and it was an unknown species.


  2. Carycomic Says:

    As a resident of Connecticut, where I’ve seen (and nearly run over!) live coyotes on two occasions, I have no doubts that cougars might be twice as stealthy in re-establishing themselves in an eastern state. But, the possibility that the Bladenboro Beast is a rogue cougar raises several questions.

    1) Is this hypothetical cougar an emigre’ from the western states, or from further south in Florida?

    2) If Floridian, is it one of those inbred ones that has ecologists worried about extinction of the subspecies due to lack of fertility?

    3) If it’s one of the born-sterile types, might it be anemic enough to require just blood rather than fresh meat? And, have atavistic traits such as saber-like canines?

    Because, while cougars might be strong and stealthy enough to kill even a full-grown pit-bull terrier, the fact that the dogs have been exsanguinated rather than eaten is very puzzling. As is the description of “vampiric” teeth. If that adjective is referring to extra-long canine teeth, the clouded leopards of Southeast Asia are the only living felines (known to mainstream zoology) still possessing that trait.

    One more thing to consider. According to “Weird America,” by Jim Brandon (1978/J.B. Associates), there was a spate of similar livestock killings a little bit earlier than the ones in Bladenboro. Specifically, in Raeford (Hoke County), North Carolina, circa February 1953. Hoke County is just the other side of Robeson County from Bladen County.

    And, witnesses there likewise attributed the killings to a “giant cat.”


  3. QUIRT Says:



  4. i live in hickory nc. my friend has a home on rifle range road in conover nc. his home sits back a long drive way. the one side of his property is lined with a pasture with two goats in it. the other two sides are lined by woodline. 2 years ago he sited a strange looking cat in the pasture. it was very large and stocky with long hair and no tail. the cat was very frightening. thru out the following year we sited along with this one two other very strange cats in the pasture. very creepy. one evening we heard the most terrrifing sound coming from the woods. it sounded like a cross between a cat and a warewolf. shorstly after hearing the cats in the woods, the neighbors goats were found near the creek with their throats cut and their heads mess up. the game warden was called however nothing was ver said about the goats being destroyed for no reason. i did not see your show however my nephew from pa did and that is what has prompted me to investagate the cats further.


  5. i live in hickory nc. i have sited these cats. 3 different in type. very frightening and the sound is scarry and evil sounding. 2 goats that lived in the pasture where we seen these cats were found dead. their throats cut and their heads messed up but nothing else. janet mudrick


  6. Stan Kittrell Says:

    Around twentyfive years ago in Greenville, N.C. there was a rash of dog killings on the West edge of town just outside the city limits on Dickinson Avenue. Six or seven dogs were killed, including my mother’s dog. The dogs were all killed in the owner’s yard at night. No barking or yelping was heard by any of the owners. My mother’s dog had it head chewed or crushed to a pulp. I don’t know about the other dog’s except that their heads were crushed. The bodies of the dogs were not removed from the owner’s yard or fed on other than the head being chewed or crushed. I don’t know if the dog’s blood was sucked out or missing. The only theory we had, was that a bear had killed the dogs. I don’t know the breeds or size of the other dogs, except that one of them was a german shepard. My mother’s dog was a small mixed breed. There are bears all over eastern N.C. and some live in suprisingly populated areas, but I can’t explain why the bodies of the dogs were not dragged off if it was a bear attack.


  7. Carycomic Says:

    Long hair and no tail? Hmmmm! I vaguely recall reading something about stray specimens of the Canadian lynx beginning to show up in the continental U.S. And, I know they are twice the size of the southwestern bobcat. But, again; that doesn’t explain the bloddless bodies not being fed on. Or, the reports of “vampiric” teeth.

    However, saber-toothed “tigers” have certainly been depicted as having had long hair and stubby tails.*

    * And, yes, all you armchair paleontologists! I’m well aware they weren’t true tigers. That’s why I included the sarcastic quote marks.


  8. Earl Dotson Says:

    I live in Lexington NC 2 years ago i saw 2 Big Black Cats i think are Panters, I sent the pics to a NC wildlife agent in Winston Salem i gave him my E-mail, Cell phone ,Home phone and Address, Ans told him about what i saw and i told him to come by and i would show him were it was at , It was behind my house. He never responded to me. I think the Game Dept dont want people to know that animales like panthers are out there. I still have the picture if any one can tell me who to contact about it that might want to know and cares to see them let me know . Earl Dotson


  9. Carycomic Says:

    Dear Mr. Dotson:

    I would recommend e-mailing Loren Coleman via his website “The Cryptozoologist.”

    You could also try the Center for Fortean Zoology @


  10. Mr Dobson Says:

    Earl Dotson please send me a email and copy of your pictures I live in Kernersville NC and have seen something in the woods behind our house that I would of sworn were panthers but thiught I was seeing things since then a couger has been spotted to. I believe you Glenn Womack


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