Monster Hogs!

— I found the season premier of Monster Quest rather disappointing. It was about monster hogs, giant pigs supposedly a growing problem in certain southern states like Texas. Investigative techniques were used like attaching a camera to a wild pig and releasing it in the hopes that it would lead to these giant pigs…that’s right, a hog cam! Despite amusing close-ups of pig bristles and bouncing countryside, no giant hogs were found.

And what about the people who investigate and capture wild hogs, the so-called hog wranglers? Would you like a job like that, or would you eventually get boared?

(This blogger not responsible for mental anguish caused by atrocious puns…)

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6 Comments on “Monster Hogs!”

  1. i like your blog
    there is sincerity
    in capturing
    the monster hog
    hidden in the
    cybernetic jungles
    of weblogs


  2. It’s a hoax I think, There isn’t such hog in texas.


    • Marylouise Says:

      Texas is blessed with many things and feral hogs are included! I have a couple of photos and a local story about feral hogs tearing up yards.

      The article = “Feral Pigs in Texas — 2 Million Strong and Increasing! ” It is located @

      If you don’t believe me, here’s an excerpt from a recent ABC News article:
      “A million dangerous pigs are roaming Texas soil, challenging farmers and devouring their crops.

      Wild pigs are challenging Texas farmers, damaging crops and invading their land.
      (ABC News)

      These animals have ravenous appetites and no natural predator in Texas. With the feral pig population exploding, game wardens are begging hunters to go after the wild animals.

      “I often tell people to think of a feral hog as a four-legged fire ant,” said Billy Higginbotham of the Texas Extension Cooperative, which offers Texas A&M research to state residents. “We are not going to eradicate them; what our hope is that we can reduce their population to reduce damage.” (article located @

      This article seriously understates the problem. There are more than 2 million and they are in crop fields, forests, and suburbs (yep, that’s what I said).

      After they destroy and devour everything, they head for the cemeteries! That should really get your attention!

      — Marylouise


  3. phanatic74 Says:

    Do me a favor and please do not swine to me . . . . . Well, that’s mighty hoggish of you!! Anyway check me out or the Phillies. Go Phightins!!


  4. Carycomic Says:

    This episode was the first I had heard about American “mega-hogs.” But, I don’t think the possibility is so absurd. The giant wild hog of West Africa managed to escape official discovery until the last hundred years or so!

    Prior to that, mainstream zoologists considered it just as “non-existent” as the mountain gorilla and the okapi (jungle-dwelling relative of the giraffe).


  5. carycomic Says:

    P.S.—this episode is going to be re-run @ 11PM (EDT), Sunday night (May 3rd). Check your local listings for the History Channel affiliate nearest you!


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