Raccoon Climbs St. Paul Skyscraper!


Like some kind of furry ninja, a raccoon drew major attention for scaling an office building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Making it all look easy, she took a nap on a window ledge over 200 feet up, and later took a break to do some grooming…

…by this point the ‘coon was a social media sensation, but her career was cut short when she succumbed to the charms of traps set on the roof and baited with cat food. The daring lady Rocket Raccoon was safely released, none the worse for the wear…

(Please note: earlier press versions of this saga misreported the raccoon’s sex and the outcome due to available information at the time.)


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3 Comments on “Raccoon Climbs St. Paul Skyscraper!”

  1. vulpesffb Says:

    6 hoursfoxsylvania.blog

    Or maybe he was simply trying to get away from those dang chimps!*
    *There were a number of postings to Youtube, recently, about a stray raccoon who very nearly wound up getting WISHBONED ALIVE by a pit full of chimpanzees at some Midwestern zoo. Which should, if nothing else, permanently prove that Jane Goodall DID NOT stage those red colobus hunts in her National Geographic specials, back in the day.


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