Crop Circles on “Monsters and Mysteries Unsolved”



The second episode of “Monsters and Mysteries Unsolved” again hit on mysteries rather than monsters with an installment on crop circles, about 100 of which are sighted each year around the world, but usually in the United Kingdom and most often in fields of wheat and barley, appearing overnight.

Now about 90% of crop circles are fake, but a small percentage are not man-made. It’s possible to tell if they are not caused by human effort by damage done to the crop, which is thought to be from some sort of energy which causes nodes on the plants to expand and ultimately explode. Several different mechanical methods can also cause such damage, however.

Some UFO sightings have been reported in the vicinity of crop circles, and video footage exists. A video analyst examined one such tape, and pronounced it original without the object having been externally added. The specialist could not, however, identify the object depicted, which appeared in the footage as a glowing orb.

Midwestern U.S. formations appear to show a connection to one another, with the circles linked geographically in a straight line pointing directly to other crop circles. It might appear that such circles are not singular, isolated events, but rather parts of a series.

So what does this all mean? An explanation was not advanced, other than to say that crop circles were a phenomena which could not be pigeonholed. Questions were raised, but few were answered…

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4 Comments on “Crop Circles on “Monsters and Mysteries Unsolved””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I thought it had been conclusively proven, by M. Night Shomalon, that crop circles were the work of illegal aliens, from another dimension, that were allergic to water.


    • carycomic Says:

      Someone, somewhere, is now reading this and honestly going: “You SOB! Why did you have to ruin the whole movie for me?!”


      • carycomic Says:

        To which I would reply: “I had to! That film was distributed by Touchstone Pictures. And I’m a…20th Century Fox.”

        If that doesn’t get a well-deserved groan, nothing will. 😉


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