The topic of really large feral pigs has come up before on some shows like Monster Quest, and doctored photos of hunters with gigantic hog kills may readily be found on the Internet. It was probably just a matter of time before the Mountain Monsters crew went hog wild themselves, finally venturing out of West Virginia into Hocking Hills, Ohio for a crack at the big pig. You do know as well that the bottom of the barrel is being scraped when a wild boar is being considered a “monster.”

Well, the Hogzilla in question was reputed to weigh 1,200 lbs., be 8′ to 9′ long, and stand about 4-1/2′ tall at the shoulders. Most interestingly, the hog is reputed to have small, crude, usable paws. It was first sighted in the 1790’s, and terrorizes local farmers.

A local eyewitness called “Wild Man” was first interviewed, a backwoods archaeologist who reported seeing a fanged creature who got up on two legs. In the area, the team found a log broken open for grubs. On their first night’s investigation, the team found a trail with leaves torn up, saw a thermal image, heard the beast roar, and found his nest; team member Buck claimed to have caught a glimpse of the beast.

A tunnel trap was built of steel while expert tracker “Wild Bill” provided low comedy grossness by chewing on pork ribs, contending that he was “eating his enemy.” A farmer called Beau was interviewed who contended that the creature tore up his feed bags, and that he saw it stand on its back legs. Beau also shared a shadowy cell phone video of the beast. Also interviewed were hobbyists Tom and Elaine, who had a trail camera image clearer than most that showed the front half of a boar.

The trap was baited with corn and covered with brush, and the final night’s hunt was conducted by Beau’s barn. Urine and mangled underbrush were seen, and “Buck” made hog calls. The hog was tracked to a barn where he could be heard but not seen; the wily devil had slipped out! They pursued him to a feed trailer, where the hog burst out the back. Hooting and hollering, the team pursued their quarry to the trap, where…miracle of miracles…they had actually caught something, a Russian wild boar about 8′ long. It did not have long razor tusks or paws, but as Wild Bill sagely proclaimed, “That is one big pig!”

Seemingly ecstatic that they had actually caught something for once, the team called animal control. Hail to thee, oh mighty hunters! – – Are you not entertained?!

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3 Comments on “Hogzilla!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Actually, ghost pigs do feature in two Edwardian-era pieces of Gothic science fiction. Both of them by Wm. Hodgson. The first is a short story simply called “The Hog,” and features the occult detective Thomas Carnacki. The other is the comparatively better known novel, “The House on the Borderland” (in which the antagonists sound more or less like the inspiration for George Lucas’ Gamorreans!).


  2. carycomic Says:

    Or, should I say, “Walt Disney’s Gamorreans?”


  3. ANYONE WHO HAS DONE ANY HOG HUNTING ,,,knows sometimes they don`t run the will come after you and those teeth do hurt…….HOW EVER THERE WAS TRUELY A HOGZILLIA…it was on national geographic a 1,000 lb. feral hog the size of a pick-up truck killed in so. Georgia.


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