Black-Eyed Kids…

black-eyed-kids– – The Discovery Channel has a rather interesting show called, Monsters and Mysteries in America. – –Well, I prefer a monster to a mystery any day, but I’ll take a mystery if no good monsters or even laughable cheesy ones are available. A number of mysteries or unexplained phenomena fall into the category of urban myths, one of which as given a segment on the show was that of the black eyed kids, who should not be confused with the Black Eyed Peas, an American hip hop group…

…well, black-eyed kids or BEKs for short are creepy children in the pre-teen to teen age range with a disconcerting habit of appearing to motorists, homeowners, or even campers, often in the middle of the night, and who engage in the act of seeking admission to whatever the person approached occupies. As their name suggests, such children have no white in their eyes, the entire surface of which appears as black as “slices of night,” as one observer has described it. Often the BEKs appear in groups of two, although sometimes there are more, and at other times there is only one. Their appearance is additionally described as pale, and their speech rather non-inflected; they have an otherworldly quality, leading to wild speculations that these are perhaps aliens, time travelers, vampires, ghosts, or demons. More mundane explanations are that these are cultists, goths, pranksters, or people who’ve injected tattoo ink into their eyes (which is done). The black-eyed kids must be invited in, a characteristic traditionally associated with vampires, and if denied admission they supposedly become more hostile and insistent.

People who have reported a BEK encounter describe feeling filled with panic, fear, and anxiety. One who invited a pair of BEKs into her house said they told her they had come to “collect” her; after barricading herself in a room for a time, she fled the house. Typically, when the approached subject tries to view the creepy little visitors after departing the site, they are nowhere to be seen.

Black-eyed kid encounters date back to about 1988, and while likely just an urban myth, I wouldn’t invite then into your house should some come knocking in the middle of the night. They’re probably not selling cub scout candy…pleasant screams, ahahahaha!



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3 Comments on “Black-Eyed Kids…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Where are Sam and Dean Winchester when you need ’em?


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