Swimming With Tigers…

– – There’s a rather controversial and disconcerting experience that’s becoming quite the rage in some circles; swimming with tigers!

For a fee of $200 for a half hour romp, a private Florida zoo is offering the public a chance to swim, play in the grass, and bottle feed Tony, an eight-week-old tiger cub at Dade City’s Wild Things zoo outside of Tampa, Florida.  Now tigers like Tony are only allowed to swim with visitors until they weigh 40 pounds, and once they hit 25 pounds, must be on leashes.  At least one of the trainers is also in the water with the visitor.  As an option, visitors can also swim with alligators who have had their mouths taped shut.

Some animal rights activists are not amused, finding it abusive and dangerous to the animals’ health since they can be awakened repeatedly for anyone who will “pay to play”…and in Congress, two pieces of legislation are pending that would prohibit the private possession and breeding of big cats.


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3 Comments on “Swimming With Tigers…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Hey! At least, it’s not a school of nurse sharks.*

    *There was a lot of on-line squawking about a couple of vacationing parents who let their 5 year-old do that, in the Bahamas, recently. One clergyman even claimed he’d pray for the alleviation of their stupidity! To which I say: “Pots and kettles, padre!”

    People should be as tolerant towards each other as they are to God’s so-called “lesser” creatures. Nurse sharks don’t bite unless provoked (like, say, by over-confident tourist skin divers pulling their tails). And, even then, these were in a Bahamian aquarium with one of the handlers, as well as the little kid’s parents, monitoring everything from close by!


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