The Ozark Howler

– – The Ozark Howler sounds like a really bad country music act, but refers to a cat-like cryptid reputed to reside in remote areas of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Said to be the size of a black bear, it boasts a thick body, black hair, glowing eyes, and perhaps horns from its forehead!  The Howler is reputed to stand three to four feet tall at the  shoulder, and weighs in at about 400 pounds.  The creature makes a deafening aggressive, threatening scream that is kind of a combination of a wolf’s howl and an elk’s cry…

A search for the Ozark Howler was detailed on an episode of Haunted Highway in which two investigators went to Jasper County in Arkansas, where initially a local cop was interviewed who attached some credibility to the story,  saying that he had heard the creature.  The investigators then went hiking in the woods near Wallpac, where they set up thermal cameras and meat bait, complete with a GPS in the bait.  Eerie, high-pitched cries were heard.  Later, the bait was taken but unfortunately the camera was knocked over.  The GPS had been displaced from the bait, and tooth marks were found on the GPS.  Paw prints were found nearby of which a cast was taken.  Lastly, a non-revealing thermal image was captured on another camera.

All of this was taken to a biologist, who said that he could believe that the creature detected might have been an escaped puma or another kind of large feral cat.  Predictably inconclusive, the episode summarized that there was something out there in the Arkansas woods that was “large and hungry.”- -What could be truer, or safer to say?

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4 Comments on “The Ozark Howler”

  1. vulpesffb Says:

    Know what the difference is between Wallpac and Walmart?–You can find what you’re looking for at Walmart…


    • carycomic Says:

      There’s a rumor floating through cyberspace that the Ozark Howler was invented by some college prankster trying to see if he could pull the wool over the collective eyes of the crypto-zoological community. If that’s true, then I think he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams! Because, i saw that episode. And, half those howls were probably made by coyotes. Maybe even coy-dog hybrids!

      Look how FOF:TPF exposed that Texas Chupacabra as a coy-wolf hybrid, just through forensic analysis of a dead one’s hair.


      • vulpesffb Says:

        The Ozark Howler should not be confused with the Midnight Rambler, which is a Rolling Stones song…and if the crypto-zoological community ever has any get-togethers, they must be strange and wonderful gatherings! 😉


  2. […] it is that Foxsylvania notes, “The Ozark Howler sounds like a really bad country music act, but refers to a […]


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